Pursuing Art

“Arting,” Celebrations and Lessons Learned

The last few weeks have been filled with art creation and sharing. I I learned so much about what kind of art I want to make and how I want to show it.  I was so proud of my high school students and their fantastic Unicorn Art car. They worked so hard to complete the … Continue reading “Arting,” Celebrations and Lessons Learned

Showing Art, Resurrection, and The Art of Kintsugi

In the last two weeks, I have been showing and selling art work at the House of Blues Foundation Room Art Room. I have learned so much about making, showing and selling art. Every time I set up and take down my work, I set up and take down new knowledge and growth. One of … Continue reading Showing Art, Resurrection, and The Art of Kintsugi

I “Figure”

My next series will be ceramic figures illustrating mental illnesses in reaction to our government deleting their support web pages concerning mental illness. When someone declares they have a mental illness many people respond negatively or with little respect. Many people think that mental illness is something that people just need to get over. They don't see … Continue reading I “Figure”