“Arting,” Celebrations and Lessons Learned

The last few weeks have been filled with art creation and sharing. I I learned so much about what kind of art I want to make and how I want to show it.  I was so proud of my high school students and their fantastic Unicorn Art car. They worked so hard to complete the vehicle, and their efforts paid off. The car won second place in the student organization category!!ac

I also had the incredible opportunity to do an artist collaboration with El-Eduh, a very talented Houston artist that runs Chimera magazine (http://www.chimerartmag.com/). This collaboration was such a blast! I loved geeking out about art with another artist! We spent three days sculpting and painting two beautiful masks.el

I also showed my work with The Generators Playground at the East Down Warehouse 420 Show and with Warehouse Gallery Starwars Show. I then showed at the RAW artist showcase and Madness on Main. These experiences taught me so much about showing artwork.tabe

From the 420 show, I learned about showing work on a table outdoors. And how important lighting is. I learned how vital it is to have other artists support and how wonderful it is when you get it. I was extremely under the weather for the show, and another artist, b1_artstudio, helped support with great conversation and take down. I also met all the awesome creators of the Generators Playground. They were so supportive and friendly. I also made my first art barter too!

I learned from the RAW show that friends are so important. I had to sell 20 tickets for 20$ a piece and my friends and family stepped up. I also sold work at this show and was so excited. Two amazing patrons bought three of my works last minute and we snapped a photo.  three

At the Madness on Main show, I met some amazing artists that helped me set up my tent and inspire new art creation.  I didn’t sell any work but came up with so many new ideas for artworks to come. I also got to listen to some lovely bluegrass music, scored some awesome art stickers, traded hats, had some deep conversations and was complimented like crazy on my art and outfit. picart

Though out all my art selling experiences this month, I learned what it’s like to show themed work and how to be more humble. I was so proud of my artworks. I was sure they would sell like hot-cakes, but alas, they did not. They did sell, but not in the capacity that I hoped. I chose, instead of reacting with sadness, to celebrate the chance to share something that I am proud of with others. I used this also as an opportunity to remind myself what my art creation is about- building knowledge of the medium and participating in the beauty of that creation.

Every critique is a means of growth, every disappointment is an opportunity to learn and also teach others. I did get some positive feedback on the works, despite not selling them, and thought of artists all over the world, past and present, that showed their work over and over again until someone, somewhere embraced their style and vision. The greatest power of humanity is the capacity to never give up on something that you love.



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