Showing Art, Resurrection, and The Art of Kintsugi

In the last two weeks, I have been showing and selling art work at the House of Blues Foundation Room Art Room. I have learned so much about making, showing and selling art.

Every time I set up and take down my work, I set up and take down new knowledge and growth. One of these lessons is that every moment of struggle, whether small or large, leads me further on journey as an artist. This reflection stems from an incident right before my art show last week where something broke, literally.

As I was rearranging my boxes and art works, the new beautiful Princess Leia art mask shattered. As I struggled in my grandmother’s vintage dress, a Resurrection gone well that night, to carefully pick up the pieces and see what i could salvage, it was all I could do to keep from breaking into tears. All I could think was, I can make a new one or find a way to fix it, but it will never be the same. The night went well and I ended up selling two art works but I was still morning my Leia.

I came home to the broken Leia and began brainstorming right away ways to fix her. As I researched ceramic repair methods, I came across the ancient technique of  Kintsugi or using gold to repair cracks. The philosophy behind this technique is that the cracks themselves are beautiful and should be celebrated, just like the ones in life that build character.

This resonated personally and  and I became set on using this technique to rescue my princess. I thought about how princess Leia could connect to the art of Kintsugi and uncovered so many connections! Her lover was frozen in golden carbonate, and she was shackled to Jabba the Hut with golden bonds. She was broken again and again by the empire but continued to show resilience and dedication to her cause.

I also looked up further connections of these two ideas and came across this beautiful blog post by a cancer survivor. The woman in the post compares her life to a Princess Leia coffee mug that breaks when she finds out about her cancer. As she battles the cancer, she holds onto the pieces of the cup and her family uses the Kintsugi technique to restore it.

Other articles championed this ancient art technique for its simple beauty and its reminder to all that Resurrection is not only possible but necessary for showing the gold within.

I cant wait to apply this technique to Leia and am even planning on breaking Yoda on purpose in order to match.

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